• You mean the option in the LCD menu next to wake on BTN, right?

    No, I do not have wake on touch enabled.
    I tried to enable it and disable it again, but it did not help. Also touching the display does not wake it up.

    I also noticed that it wakes up a few seconds after HR Measurement started.
    When it measures for a minute it wakes up 2-3 times during that and than not until the next measurement.

  • I do not. How to recreate? Edit: I just experienced it, I set only wake on touch.

    I made further testing and requires :

    • wake on touch
    • Bangle.setHRMPower(true)

    some timestamps in ms between each wake, with watch on desk face down to keep hr light on:
    62529 58397 11837 32309 13753 5924 29351 6560 27113 796 11840 8795


    It seems calling setHRMPower(true)forcefully sets/overrides my own values, hrmWearDetect is set to true, and hrmPushEnv is set to false. So I to have to set those options after calling setHRMPower()

    Bangle.on("HRM-env",(e)=> {

    My readings are all 0 for this event. Is that expected? The documentation doesn't describe what environment means either.


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