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  • I tried


    but it did not help, the $(NRF5X_SDK_PATH)/integration/nrfx/legac­y/nrf_drv_uart.c and .h file have no checks in them and always evaluate something, I think typedefs in header file in the #else part is the issue

    typedef nrf_uarte_baudrate_t        nrf_uart_baudrate_t;
    typedef nrf_uarte_error_mask_t      nrf_uart_error_mask_t; 
    typedef nrf_uarte_hwfc_t            nrf_uart_hwfc_t; 
    typedef nrf_uarte_parity_t          nrf_uart_parity_t;  
    typedef nrf_uarte_task_t            nrf_uart_task_t;
    typedef nrf_uarte_event_t           nrf_uart_event_t;                                                                 

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