• I setup my Bangle.js 2 to only unlock when the button is pressed (not for turning my arm or touching the display or anything).
    Despite that the display keeps turning on (and unlocking) regularly (multiple times a minute to every few minutes).
    I suspect that it turns on every time it tries to read my heartrate, since if I ask health to measure every 3 minutes it occurs every 3 minutes and if i use recorder to measure more often it turns on multiple times a minute. But I am not certain, if this is really the reason.
    It is pretty annoying.
    Is this expected behaviour? Did I mess up some setting (I looked everywhere but could not find anything related)? Any ideas would be appreciated. I love the locked, unlit display and would like to use it more often.

    Firmware: 2v19
    Apps installed:
    openstmap (0.25), widid (0.03), antonclk (0.11), wid_a_battery_widget (0.04), bthrm (0.17), widlock (0.08), agpsdata (0.06), widmessages (0.05), messageicons (0.05), widbt (0.09), lightswitch (0.09), android (0.32), iconlaunch (0.19), messagegui (0.74), notify (0.13), messages (0.62), boot (0.59), antonclkplus (0.10), locale (0.17), gbridge (0.27), hrm (0.11), health (0.27), recorder (0.32), setting (0.65)


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