• Do you have anything else connected to the Puck?

    If not, if you could send your code I can take a look and try and see what's causing the power draw.

    If you have high power draw like 0.5mA or 1mA it may be that you left something powered on like I2C,SPI,UART

    UART is a big power draw, but you may also find that having a pin in 'pullup' state, or that's driving an output against a pullup (or an external sensor that is unpowered) can easily increase current draw.

  • Perhaps I didn't make myself clear but I'm not actually using the Puck, I'm using the nRF52840 in a completely different setting, I just wanted to understand how the Puck was making use of its nRF chip to see if I could lower my high consumption values.

    But yeah I'm getting about 8mA current consumption while in operation and about 0.7 mA in sleep mode, I'm already using the deepest sleep mode (system off) so I'm not sure what can I be leaving on, I should be getting less than 100uA for sure.

    Anyway I think it's clear for me regarding the puck on what is being done, thank you both for your support @fanoush and @Gordon


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