• On the nRF52832DK I generally just update the firmware by copying the hex to the flash drive that it creates - the hex will include the sd+bootloader+app so updating using that hex via DFU wouldn't work.

    You'd need to do your own build with DFU_UPDATE_BUILD=1 to get a zip file, but generally that's not very useful when updating via DFU is just so fast.

    The hex file is a tricky one - as on https://www.espruino.com/nRF52832DK, at one point Nordic actually paid me for up to date builds (for a year I think) but then they decided not to. So while builds might be handy (and I personally test a lot of stuff using the DK build) it seems a bit odd to start doing builds again when they weren't bothered.

    But then nobody has paid me for any builds in the last 3 years. For some reason I've been doing RAK Wireless and Smartibot even so so maybe I should do the DK again.


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