• Thanks for those logs, that's great - I'm not entirely sure what's up with the larger font sizes not working, but the issue with wrapping is that when deciding what to convert to an image, Gadgetbridge uses the following logic:

    • Split words up by space/newline/etc
    • If any word contains a character Bangle.js itself doesn't have a font for, convert the whole word to an image.

    The issue here is that Gadgetbridge thinks it is just one giant word. I'm afraid I don't know enough about Chinese, but is there some 'separator' character that we should be looking out for and just aren't?

    Or maybe Gadgetbridge will just have to split any bitmap of a 'word' that's greater than 100px wide into multiple bitmaps...

  • hi,

    1. let me try with different font size and if it really sucks, i'll provide you with the log file?

    2. regarding the font 12 setting, how about if GB.js could split up at punctuations?
      may be starting with:
      a coma (the chinese fonts usually show punctuations in the middle) ",",
      a fullstop (this chinese full stop is an empty circle)"。"
      original msg: 【知乎】你的验证码是 698449,此验证码用于登录知乎或重置密码。10 分钟内有效。

    because in this msg, if GB.js understand those 2 symbols,
    it may show the msg as:
    【知乎】你的验证码是 698449,
    10 分钟内有效。

    Hope this could happen, may be at least only do to the chinese msg? i.e. spare other languages?


    Or, may be, if there is a sms in chinese language, GB.js could simply fill it to a line, if the line is full, GB.js can simply make a new line?

    because in chinese, each font/character is indeep a word on itself already.

    say in the above line 此验证码用于登录知乎或重置密码.
    i worry it is still too long to fit into 1 line,
    however, you could cut it in anyway as long as the seqeunce is correct.
    i mean, as long as you ONLY cut it and dont ADD space/puntuation, it's ok:

    is same as



    even you cut it like this, everyone still understand this:


    so you could cut however you like, just keep the sequence and dont add space/puntuations. thx


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