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  • The display background is not as white as an Epaper display but it is very clear and the background is similar to that in the original Kindle. It is not as "dull green" looking as the Pixel or old Nokia displays look in some lights. I do not have a Pixel so that is from photos!

    The current code is useable in that it takes 550ms to draw the clock and widgets on the screen shown above of which only 10ms is need for the g.flip() call. Clearing the screen i.e. g.clear();g.flip() takes only 30ms. So a lot of the time in drawing text is probably the Espruino interpreter calling the C setPixel() routine.

    I will try your ingenious code above to see if it works:-)

    BTW: I want to try to see how using the screen as a Terminal might work. I have built a version of the PUCKJS firmware with the TERMINAL module but I cannot see a way to set the graphics instance that Terminal uses. It seems to assume it is built in. Is there a way of setting the instance from Espruino?


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