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  • Thanks for posting that up - I hadn't seen ST7302 before, but they look great! I guess there's no greyscale but given they're higher res I guess dithering is less of a big deal. Have you seen anything physically bigger than 23.548.5mm display area (which looks like the standard one)? As you say they'd make a great display for a new Pixl - the original Pixl's display is around 150uA IIRC

    Just looking at the code you have there - it's a shame to have to implement your own fill/setpixel (even if it's in C). Am I right in thinking it's because the display puts each 2x12 block of pixels next to each other? It's a bit of an odd layout!

    I guess we have the vertical_byte mode that does 1x8 pixel blocks, so it might be possible to do something fancy to turn 3 rows of 8 into 2 rows of 12 when we update the screen - but the 2-column spacing makes even that hard! Anyway, it's not a big deal.

    Would you be interested in adding your code so it can just be pulled in for Espruino?


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