• hi, before i implment the 4 list/menu for the "swipe back to clock" or "back swipe",
    currently the best way is leave "swipe back to clock" untouched, handle any Lt to Rt swipe, as it works on any clock/app ("backswipe" only work if there is an arrow at Lt upper corner).

    and modify "back swipe" into swipe U to D:

     function goBack(lr, _) {
        // if it is a left to right swipe
        if (lr === 1) {
          // if we're in an app that has a back button, run the callback for it
          if (global.BACK && countHandlers("swipe")<=settings.standar­dNumSwipeHandlers && countHandlers("drag")<=settings.standard­NumDragHandlers) {

    simply change the
    function goBack(lr, _) {

    into function goBack(_, lr) {


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