• hi, originally i wann let user choose odd vs even for a randomly displayed number,
    but gpt4 not good at it.

    i simply ask it to make a "screen tap" to confirm the reboot,
    and one can escape by using the "switch back to the clock" app's swipe <-- this agree with my idea that at least one swipe should be kept for app control.


    i'll see if the store will need this app,

    console.log('Starting script.');
    (function() {
      let rebootConfirmed = false;
      function reboot() {
        console.log('Attempting to reboot.');
        console.log('Should have rebooted.'); // This may not print if the reboot occurs immediately
      console.log('Setting up LCD power event listener.');
      Bangle.on('lcdPower', function(on) {
        console.log('LCD power event triggered. Power state:', on);
        if (on && rebootConfirmed) {
          console.log('LCD is on and reboot is confirmed.');
        } else if (on) {
          console.log('LCD is on but reboot is not yet confirmed.');
        } else {
          console.log('LCD is off.');
      console.log('Clearing the screen and displaying confirmation message.');
      g.setFontAlign(0, 0); // center alignment
      g.setFont("Vector", 15); // Adjusted the font size
      g.drawString("Tap to confirm", g.getWidth() / 2, g.getHeight() / 2 - 10);
      g.drawString("reboot", g.getWidth() / 2, g.getHeight() / 2 + 10);
      console.log('Setting up touch event listener.');
      Bangle.on('touch', function(e) {
        console.log('Touch event triggered. Event data:', e);
        if (e && !rebootConfirmed) {
          console.log('Touch detected and reboot is not yet confirmed.');
          rebootConfirmed = true;
          console.log('Clearing the screen and displaying rebooting message.');
          g.drawString("Rebooting...", g.getWidth() / 2, g.getHeight() / 2);
          console.log('Waiting for 2 seconds before reboot.');
          setTimeout(() => {
            console.log('2 seconds elapsed, initiating reboot.');
          }, 2000);
        } else if (e) {
          console.log('Touch detected but reboot is already confirmed.');
        } else {
          console.log('Touch event triggered but no touch detected.');
    console.log('Script setup complete.');

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