• hi,
    although my ultimate aim will be to use only 1 swipe to popup a menu to control "back to clock, back to launcher, back 1 step" etc,
    currently my fastest shortcut will be to use "swip back" using swipe left to right,
    with "swipe back to clock" <-- if this could be modified to use swipe up to down. currently "swip back to clock" is hard coded to use swipe Lt to Rt so these 2 app cant be used the same time.

    I found this reference on event Bangle.swipe

    with help from GPT4,
    it seems for the "swipe back to clock"'s boot.js,
    for this part:

    let swipeHandler = (dir) => {
        let currentFile = global.__FILE__||"default";
        log("swipe:" + dir + " on app: " + currentFile);
        if (!inhibit && dir === 1 && !Bangle.CLOCK) {
          log("on a not clock app " + currentFile);
          if ((settings.mode === 1 && settings.whiteList.includes(currentFile)­) || // "White List"
          (settings.mode === 2 && !settings.blackList.includes(currentFile­)) || // "Black List"
          settings.mode === 3) { // "Always"
            log("load clock");
        inhibit = false;
      Bangle.on("swipe", swipeHandler);

    I simply change it into
    let swipeHandler = ( _ , dir) => {

    will do the trick?

    1. if it works, i would like to call it "swipe back to clock UD", later i would like to add the menu function to it, may be call it "swip back to clcok SM" S for selecting swipe U/D/L/R, M for menu.
      But the SM version will be a long way to go. Currently should I keep the UD version for my own and not publishing to the bangle store? however i think it do will help as it now let people can use gesture to switch back to clcok by swipe U2D and use "swipe back" Lt to Rt together.



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