• seems not that simple.
    i read the codes of the google assistant JS,
    for a tap it only do an intent: action:"android.intent.action.VOICE_COMM­AND", which i think is not xxx.apk specific.
    (indeed this could also start up the bixby, a google assistant alternative on my samsung A33).

    i.e. currently this JS is non-specific, it simply start up any DEFAULT voice input on an android phone.

    either i have to

    1. made chatgpt be that default voice input,
    2. i have to re-write the JS to start up the chatgpt-apk.

    i asked gpt4, it say it didn't found any info on how to use intent to do things /w the chatgpt apk.
    I have asked my friend to ask on the OPENAI dev forum.
    hope there are more information otherwise it will be hard to do so.



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