• hi,
    remember in android before v4,
    the ROMs are unencrypted, and the data is protected by the screen lock.
    Any direct reading from the ICs will have data leak.

    I will say that's ok for a new, immature system.

    bangle v2, mostly due to cpu power, ram, storage, is also not fully encrypted,
    and thus the ICs could be read.

    however having a screen lock will be the best choice at the moment.

    i myself playing around with "pattern launcher":
    on the clock we swipe a pattern, and if correct, we'll enter the launcher,
    if incorrect or not detected, nothing happens.


    1. a press on BTN1 will go into launcher (danger, i wanna disable this)
    2. a 1.5s press on BTN1 will go back to the clock (i.e. no security breach)
    3. a 10s press will reboot bangle, if keep pressing the BTN1, will go to recovery. here the attacker can load the firmware WITHOUT any code, so could bypass "pattern launcher" = security breach.

    this is not the moment i can touch the recovery thing. (3)
    and (2) is safe.
    i wanna deal with (1)

    from here:
    the "press BTN1 go to launcher" is written into the clock (i use Anton clock +).
    so i simply have to fork / modify Anton Clock +, and remove this line, then i think this will set it?


    ps would be nice to see under-screen finger print reader for bj v3 just it may be too luxury.
    would be nice to use finger print with NFC for more IDENTITY thing

    ref: from https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js+Clock­
    Extra Clock Features⇠
    We now have something that tells the time, but we need to add a few extra bits before we can make this a clock face:

    BTN2 to start the launcher⇠
    Every clock needs to be able to start the launcher, and the default for this is the middle button. All you need to do is add this to the end of the clock code (not in a function):

    // Show launcher when middle button pressed
    Note: In Bangle.js firmwares before 2v08, apps used the following code to explicitly show the launcher when BTN2 is pressed: setWatch(Bangle.showLauncher, BTN2, { repeat: false, edge: "falling" });. Using Bangle.setUI allows users to install different apps which start the launcher (or other apps) with different functionality, independent of the clock face.

    #bangle.js #v2


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