• hi,
    this is not an urgent issue,
    however i myself seldom run unsigned .exe on windows anymore.
    usually from trusted source like github or with a checksum like sha1.

    It cost several hundred euro per year to buy the cert for that signature.
    so FOSS programmers/users (who hate commercial things) usually accept sign using PGP key,
    as in veracrypt:
    EXE Installer: VeraCrypt Setup 1.26.7.exe (PGP Signature)
    MSI Installer (64-bit) for Windows 10 and later: VeraCrypt_Setup_x64_1.26.7.msi (PGP Signature)
    Portable version: VeraCrypt Portable 1.26.7.exe (PGP Signature)
    Debugging Symbols: VeraCrypt_1.26.7_Windows_Symbols.zip (PGP Signature)

    or put onto github, with checksum e.g. sha1.

    these will make the program look more professional, and give users more trust.


    ps: myself dont need this standalone IDE, just a suggestion. thx


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