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  • Occasionally I take some time to run code to benchmark Espruino. I profile it and then really dive into the machine code that is executed in the hot spots to see if I can make improvements - on Friday I managed to get minified JS code running about 10% faster.

    However, I'm aware that the code I use for this benchmarking isn't very representative - it's just loops with maths like­b/master/benchmark/mandelbrot.js or­b/master/benchmark/donut.js

    So... does anyone have any code that they've written in the course of developing with Espruino that ran quite slowly, and that they can split off into a small (<50 line) bit of code?

    It could be part of a Bangle.js watch face or game, or some code that's running on some other Espruino device.

    If I could get a few different things together then next time I run through looking for ways to make Espruino faster, I might be able to improve things that have more of a real-life effect on performance.



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