• Ok, I've just managed to get this to appear in Windows 11 (by comparing with a Logitech device that does appear). It seems it needs an Appearance to be specified - which is something I'd never really come across before.

    Please can you add the following code - it'll alternate advertising between the normal advert and one that includes the appearance in it, which will get Windows 11 to list it:

        2, 1, 6,  // standard Bluetooth
        3,3,0x12,0x18, // HID Service
        3,0x19,0xc1,0x03 // Appearance: Keyboard https://btprodspecificationrefs.blob.cor­e.windows.net/assigned-numbers/Assigned%­20Number%20Types/Assigned_Numbers.pdf

    I'll update the docs for this, and see if I can get support for it in the firmware too.

    As far as I know this must be some new addition to Windows 11 as I'm pretty sure it always used to work fine in Windows 11.


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