• Im only connecting the Puck via Edge Browser to the Espruino IDE.

    Even after a power cycle, Windows 11 Bluetooth "Add Device" never finds the puckjs.

    Connection to the Web IDE via Web Bluetooth works almost instantly. However, it throws the above error everytime I press its button.

    --- When I save to flash, power cycle and reconnect to the Espruino IDE, the error looks slightly different (no BLE info)

    Uncaught Error: ERR 0x3401 (:3272)
     at line 3 col 275 in .bootcde
    in function "tap" called from line 8 col 58 in .bootcde
    kb.tap(kb.KEY.A, kb.MODIFY.LEFT_GUI, kb.MODIFY.LEFT_ALT);
    in function called from system

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