• Can we determine at what voltage the circuitry cuts out?

    I did do some tests a while ago but I forget exactly. I think it's actually around 3v - the Bangle doesn't use a switching regulator so it turns off before any of the components start to suffer from the lower voltage. The voltage that'd end up causing damage to the battery is way lower than that.

    @user156610 could you maybe try backing up your watch contents using the App Loader, then doing just a standard factory reset and see what the battery life is like? It's even possible that you had stuff working fine and then some app had an update that suddenly increased its power draw.

    Or... it's also possible that when you ran the GPS you were logging, that filled up all the Bangle's available memory and now it's spending far more CPU time trying to find free space to write data.

    How do I replace the battery? Is it even possible?

    There is a video at https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js2+Disa­ssembly but it's not at all easy to do since you have to heat up the display to soften the glue on it. Replacing the battery is possible with some work but it should be a last resort

  • hi, thx to your video this is the way i opened my P8, instead of using atc1411's brute force.
    however, as i dont have a professional heater,

    i put my P8 on a metal disc, then float it on fresh boiled water.
    as you mentioned you want the heater to be <100 oC, around 90 oC,
    that's almost exactly to the setup i mentioned.

    for about 5mins warm up, i then easily disassemble my P8.*

    btw, since i may further disassemble other watches and glue back,
    could you provide some info on how to glue it back?
    what is the glue used? can i buy individually?

    i saw your discussion else, thanks

    thank you.

    *ps, my P8 is almost bricked so i haven't tested if this temp will ruin the LCD.
    my SWD tools haven't come back so my P8 is still a brick.


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