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  • Nice work! I bought some in April and got fake ones..... Will check for a dealer that ships to Germany.

  • and got fake ones.

    Oh, bad luck. All I got were good nrf52832, no issues at all.
    First I ordered­45252482.html ,­29460356.html and­20599424.html one was different board than the other two, these were relatively expensive - about $9 including shipping. Then I got few more of this third variant with empty SPI flash pads - current link in previous post, these were cheaper.

    Now I have 3 flashed with Espruino, each board different variant, and also got couple of spare unused ones of the third variant - could send you some to Germany if you don't find good seller. Only one variant has buzzer that is actually audible from a distance, the rest is very quiet so the buzzer is mostly worthless - maybe good as a feedback that you clicked the button but the microswitch click is good enough for that too. Or maybe as a feedback that NFC communication started but when using the phone it already vibrates for that.


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