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  • found 2MB chips here­79141351.html - will try to kill at least one NFCBoxLink board by adding it via reflowing by hot air. It is not that much useful there, I know, but still :-)

    So I got couple of those W25Q16JVUXIQ USON-8 2x3mm flash chips from that aliexpress shop and tried one with this Amiibo board and it works :-)

    >var sf=new SPI(); // SPI flash
    =SPI: {  }
    >var FCS=D19;FCS.write(1);
    =new Uint8Array(1)
    new Uint8Array([255, 239, 64, 21])

    Got flash ID from the chip - 239, 64, 21 = 2MB winbond flash :-)

    Photos here, left = modified board with W25Q16JVUXIQ added (I also previously removed buzzer, was trying to add piezo or something else), right another original board with no modification

    Still, it is probably not that much useful, but I simply wanted to try :-)
    It was first test of hot air gun I got recently­51154.html
    Never did this before. It worked 3rd time. First it looked OK but I got no response over SPI, on 2nd try it got worse and moved in wrong way, third time I added more flux realigned and it works now :-) I did not add pull up resistors to WP and HOLD but seems to work without it (did not try writing yet).

    EDIT: and BTW the shop lowered the price even more­71264919.html I see it as US $2.70 including VAT. Ordered another two pieces with $2.77 aliexpress saver shipping so it was total US $8.17 including shipping for two = about $4 for one :-) let's see if I really get it with this untracked shipping.


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