• "Configuration data for a watch face?" I hear you asking. Am I crazy? Maybe not. Here's the use case. I have a watch face that I'm working on that includes the display of the time in another timezone.

    I personally find it very useful, because I have relatives spread across Europe, family in both England and Switzerland. So it's handy to know what time it is there before sending a text and waking them up at 3:00 AM local time.

    The config data is pairs of values:

    { "name": "LON", "offset": 480 },
    { "name": "ZUR", "offset": 560 }

    is how it would be represented in JSON. You can work out from these that I live on the west coast of the USofA. What I need is a way for the watch face to get this data, presumably via BLE, and then save it to some sort of persistent storage that will survive across a restart of the watch face.

    There's enough information about BLE that I can probably figure that out myself, but I'm at a complete loss as to how to save data permanently in a form that a watch face can access.

    On a very closely related topic, is Bangle.js aware oft timezones and daylight savings? Meaning if I tell it that I live in the america/los_angeles timezone, does it know how to change itself every March and November, without needing a connection to a compter or phone?


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