• I'd like to use Web Serial (not Web Bluetooth) for IDE on an NRF52 breakout board.. Here are lines from the board file:

    info = {
     'name' : "C20 smartwatch",
     'boardname' : 'C20X', 
     #'default_console' : "EV_BLUETOOTH",
     'default_console' : "EV_SERIAL1",
     'default_console_tx' : "D5",
     'default_console_rx' : "D7",
     'default_console_baudrate' : "38400",

    The build works (I still have Bluetooth in the libraries and my test board can connect to the IDE that way). I'm using a CP2102 to connect with TXD going to D7, RXD to D5 (and I've tried it reversed as well). Wiring to D7/D5 is solid. I've set the IDE to use the same baudrate for Serial. When I try to use Web Serial, I get:

    Unable to retrieve board information. Connection error?

    What am I missing?


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