• Hi! I think everyone's got this answered already - but nice to see you're coming from Pebble and looking at porting your old watch face.

    Just one note on the display - unfortunately unlike the color pebbles this display is only 3 bit (so on/off RGB), not 6 bit color - but we do perform dithering in the firmware.

    You can access the button (using Bangle.setUI ideally, but setWatch is lower level) - but just a note that usually you do Bangle.setUI({mode:"clock"}) which then automatically uses the button press to start the launcher.

    Obviously if you want to change it for your clock face it's up to you, but that's what most other clock faces do - and if you want to use the button you may have to avoid using Bangle.setUI({mode:"clock"}) (just use mode:"custom") so it doesn't try and exit to the launcher on button presses :)


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