• The subject describes me pretty accurately, I owned both an original Pebble and a Pebble Time, and was very familiar with programming them. I'm coming over to Bangle.js because it has all the great features that I loved about the Pebble: Always on display, very easy to program, and an incredibly long battery life.

    I've got to the point that I can write something using the web IDE and upload it to the emulator, so the basic workflow is in place. That said, I plan to recreate the watch face that I made for my Pebbles on Bangle.js, but that leads to a few questions.

    1. Firstly, am I correct in thinking that button presses aren't available to a watch face? I checked the list of events at http://www.espruino.com/Reference#BangleĀ­ and the closest I could find was event Bangle.touch(button, xy) . This is usable, but I just want to be sure that I'm not missing anything.

    2. Secondly, does the Bangle.js share the same display property that the Pebble had? If the display wasn't changing it only drew a few microamps, the big consumer of battery power was screen updates. For that reason I didn't normally display the seconds, which meant I was only updating once a minute. This really helped to stretch the battery life. It also explains part of the reason for question 1: one user input was to show seconds for a short time if requested.


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