• not sure if this is it but process.memory() has a parameter and when omitted the parameter is by default true. The parameter defines if garbage collection should happen when calling process.memory or not. setting it to false won't make it do garbage collection setting it to true or ommitting it makes garbage collection happen. see https://www.espruino.com/ReferenceBANGLE¬≠JS#t_l_process_memory

    Now as to know where that big part of used memory that gets free'd up by the gc comes from i don't know, i also don't know as to why it happens when running it from ram but not from storage file. Maybe it is related to certain code being in ram but if that would be cleared how can the program still run so not sure. Might also be something that gets loaded initially but is no longer required and the GC when calling process.memory free's it up while with storage file code is read and executed from the storage and it does not load complete code in ram.

  • setting the garbage collection to true or false seems to make no difference (with any process.memory() tests I have done)


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