• Last week i worked some more of the game, and i added partial redrawing which made a single (game)loop after input quite a lot faster in the different sections of the game. I also added options to show the input rect so you know all the time where you are supposed to touch the screen for the directional movement in menu's or for the cursor inside the game. Further more i switched to 2bpp palette mode graphics and based on a theming option it will adapt the palette to the foreground and background color of your currently selected theme in the watch. If theming is disabled original (black & white) colors are used. I also added an option to play the game with widgets loaded or not, it does require a restart as i don't know how to undo the call to Bangle.loadWidgets but people can choose there preference now if they want widgets displayed or not. The game adapts its drawing position and input rects based on the Bangle.apprect.

    The game is currently around 2600 lines of code, but there are some comments here and there, so it's rather chunky. Below you can see a gif showing the above mentioned theming, input rect and widgets options in action

    if you can't wait to test the game i've got a development repo going on github

    and if you like to test it on your bangle i also have a github pages going where one could download the current development version on their watch already and try it out

    you can also see the code and try it out using the emulator