• Hello,

    I received my bangle (2) 2 days ago (friday), and i'm working on porting my waternet game to it.

    Waternet is a multiplatform puzzle game written for old consoles and handhelds like Game Boy (Color), Game Gear, Master System, Analogue Pocket and Mega Duck (using the gbdk sdk), playdate (using playdate sdk), old gp2x and dingoo (c++), arduboy, ...

    The aim of the game, in any game mode is always to connect all pipes so that water can flow through them from the water point source. How you can accomplish this depends on the game mode. The game has a help section in the main menu where people can always check up on the rules of each game mode. The game will have 375 levels, spread over 3 game mode each with 5 difficulties, so that is 25 levels per difficulty / game mode. There will be also a random difficulty which will generate never ending, random levels for the game mode you had chosen.

    I had started porting the game using the emulator before i had received my watch. The game was initially written in C but luckily it seems javascript is kinda similar in syntax and i already have the game more or less running. For control i divided the (touch)screen up in a middle part, the 4 corners and the 4 different sides, so you can basically press those parts of the screen to move up / down / left / right etc in menu's and press the middle of the screen to do an action or make a selection in the menu's. Sound i have replaced with a few simple buzz statements as there is no piezo speaker inside the bangle 2. The game also only reacts or redraws (entire screen currently) when there is input on the touch screen, it does not sit in a constant frame loop. It did initially on the arduboy but this would not work on the bangle 2, so i have made some input functions that simulate the previous input based on the touchscreen input (or the side button) and runs a single frame loop and then waits on input again

    Anyway here is a gif showing the game running in the emulator. It is tiny on the device itself but still playable and loading the levels is a lot slower on the device (i added a loading message but in the emulator it loads so fast that you never see it displayed).