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  • Le led driver current control implementation is described like this in the 3603 datasheet :

    LED current range 3.2 to 204.8 mA
    LED current resolution 6 Bits
    The device has one internal current DAC 3bits output current control.
    The output current control though register 0x0Bbit2:bit0for phase1
    to phase3.

    And in the driver :

    // LED Driver current
    HRS_LEDDR_MSB : 3,
    PS1_LEDDR_MSB : 7,
    LEDDR_LSB : 7,
    dev.writeByte(0x0b, c.PS1_LEDDR_MSB<<4 | c.HRS_LEDDR_MSB);
    dev.writeByte(0xc4, c.EXTPD_SEL<<7 | (c.LEDDR_LSB&0x07)<<4 | 0x0f);

    Look vaguely consistent. Shame that the 0xC4 register isn't documented (among others).


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