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  • After giving the PCB a rinse (try not to get the battery wet if you can), leave it to dry somewhere warm (and try as hard as you can to make sure it is dry) and maybe it'll come back to life again properly.

    I will give that a try and update.

    I have seen Bangles where the rubber ring wasn't in place, but in that case you should have noticed that the rubber had been crushed in some places.

    That's actually what I noticed, there is a small part of the ring where there is a sort of "cut" (the ring is not separated in two pieces though). I don't really know how to explain, but there is a sign of "crushing" on it. I will post a picture once I disassemble it again to rinse it.

  • I will give that a try and update.

    You should use distilled or deionized water like the water used for clothing ironing.


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