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  • Hi, sorry to hear this - and sorry for the delay, I was off last week. I've now merged that PR.

    No worries.

    At least if it was river water it won't be saltwater so there is some chance the Bangle may be ok when fully dry, even if you have to rinse the PCB with clean water again.

    Yes it was river water. I have to admit that now that I understand how the waterproofing standards work, I realize that I have put my bangle under a quite harsh test. I used it while kayaking on a river and everything went fine, even though it got hit with a ton of water splashes and I even dipped it under the water several times while on the move. That did not cause any visible malfunction of the watch, and I did not see any water under the screen.

    Once I stopped kayaking I went for a very short swim (~ 5 mins) and it broke :D

    Today after leaving it for several days disassembled to dry, I re-assembled it and plug it under charge. At first it was working fine, but after some time (~30 mins) it shut down again, and now even if I put it under charge it does not give any sign of life. Any idea on what could have gone wrong?

    even if you have to rinse the PCB with clean water again.

    I did not rinse it with clean water, do you think that could help? If so, how?

    Additionally when re-assembling the bangle, I found very hard to put back the rubber waterproofing ring in the correct position. It seems to me that its diameter is a couple of millimeters short of what the bangle would need. Could it be a defect or is it expected?


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