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  • Hi, sorry to hear this - and sorry for the delay, I was off last week. I've now merged that PR.

    The IP ratings are really misleading, and I should really have removed the Bangle.js 1 references at the same time as the 1, but we were selling Bangle.js 2 then so I didn't think to do it.

    As others have mentioned, in theory the Bangle.js 1 should be able to do static 10M of water as the case is sealed and there are o-rings and oil on every button, but when swimming especially if it's on your arm, you're ramming water right past it repeatedly, and potentially putting a lot more pressure on it at times. Pressing the buttons can also be an issue and I don't believe is part of the test.

    Have you had any luck with the Bangle.js 1? At least if it was river water it won't be saltwater so there is some chance the Bangle may be ok when fully dry, even if you have to rinse the PCB with clean water again.


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