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  • Take in mind also that IP68 doesn't imply that it has been successfully tested for IP65, IP66 or IP66K (water jets)

    Good to know, I had automatically assumed the opposite.

    My self, I don't use the BangleJS 2 for shower or swimming and I try to cover the watch under the sleeve with heavy rain.

    I think this is what I am going to do as well with the new banglejs2 I will buy.
    Or with the banglejs1 if it recovers in the next days.

    Now that, under pressure, some water has entered, without opening it is very unlike that all the water will come out.

    As of now I removed the back cover, removed as much water as I could (there was A LOT in it) and let it open to dry. Will update in the next days on whether it comes back to life or it can be considered a sacrifice in the name of waterproofing standards :)

    It would be ideal if the features page would clarify about this, something like "Accidentally only, do not submerge on purpose. Not suitable for water jets like shower or swimming". In the end, this is what IP68 means, but who reads the standards while searching for a watch?

    I created a PR to modify the website (Ā­/pull/701) and add the same disclaimer that the banglejs2 has.


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