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  • IP68 Waterproof: up to 10m underwater

    It seems to me very likely that it has been tested for IP68 up to 10m. I agree that IP68 ratings are totally misleading, a lot of people will understand that it's suitable for swimming. This isn't new, in the 80's and 90's Casio days 1ATM watches would support 10m of water pressure but they were not recommended for swimming or diving. Take in mind also that IP68 doesn't imply that it has been successfully tested for IP65, IP66 or IP66K (water jets). If a device supports water jest it should specify it with a slash notation (like IP65/IP68, IP66/IP68 or IP66K/IP68). Any mint IP68 device should support light rain or splashes. No IP67 or IP68 device from any manufacturer should be used for shower or any water activity, unless specified otherwise.

    This is just my understanding of IP ratings, not any position of Espruino in this matter. My self, I don't use the BangleJS 2 for shower or swimming and I try to cover the watch under the sleeve with heavy rain. In my wishlist for a possible future BangleJS 3 is water resistance for swimmingĀ­/374260/?offset=125#16992573 (read also Gordon's reply to my comment).

    Now that, under pressure, some water has entered, without opening it is very unlike that all the water will come out.

    It would be ideal if the features page would clarify about this, something like "Accidentally only, do not submerge on purpose. Not suitable for water jets like shower or swimming". In the end, this is what IP68 means, but who reads the standards while searching for a watch?


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