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  • Hi Gordon, thanks for your answer.

    It used to work until some weeks ago.

    I've tried everything you suggested, with no luck.
    I'm using the latest stable firmware version (but I tried 2v16 as well).
    The Overwrite GPS option did not help.

    I downloaded the latest AGPS data, then ran your code for ~20 minutes with the BangleJS sitting still outside, on a spot where it used to get a fix very quickly and got a series of messages like

    { "lat": NaN, "lon": NaN, "alt": NaN, "speed": NaN,
      "course": NaN,
      "time": Date: Tue Aug 8 2023 00:24:34 GMT+0200,
      "satellites": 0, "fix": 0, "hdop": 25.5 }

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