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  • Hi,

    Did the Bangle work fine before? And is all the firmware and software up to date?

    And when you're waiting for a fix, did you wait with the Bangle not moving, somewhere where it could 'see' a decent amount of sky without buildings in the air? I've always found is surprising but the Bangle really hates trying to get a fix when it's moving about.

    If you connect with and type Bangle.on('GPS',print);Bangle.setGPSPowe­r(1) on the left do you see anything on the console?

    In the past I have found that with the 'GPS from Gadgetbridge' changes I did get to a point where the Bangle never appeared to get a fix (but never actually turned GPS on), but after turning that off (I think it's just Overwrite GPS in the Android app on the Bangle) it worked. I've never had it recently though.


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