• I wonder if there can be an app written to stop charging at a custom %

    @parasquid It's not possible without having a BLE enabled wall socket or similar, but there is an app that will buzz to warn you I think.

    But as I said it's not something you should not have to worry about. I just checked and the charge circuitry itself does not overcharge and sticks at 4.2v. Given the battery really isn't stressed at all and doesn't experience high temperatures, from what I can see, charging every 10 days you could expect that after 10 years you'd still have more than 80% capacity left.

    Obviously my usage pattern isn't very normal, but I haven't noticed any I have here that have noticeably lost battery life. The only times I have, it's been due to software issues.

    @KaiRo yes, you might expect the battery level to show a drop with the backlight/GPS on normally, but maybe in the 10% range - not what you're seeing. It does seem like you've been a bit unlucky with yours.


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