• Just to answer some things that came up, the watch goes completely off when I don't charge it and the battery widget shows it going empty (after I guess about 15h now, without any backlight being active). I also already have done an erase and reinstall cycle (everything is up to date anyhow) to make sure the issue isn't something bad there - but then, the battery widget going down a lot (from green to red) when backlight comes on and then coming back up significantly again when it's off again is pretty much a giveaway that the battery is weak and dying. And I have never left it flat or fully charged for long, I just used it normally and recharged when it was nearing being empty - and had it on my arm at all times during the day, even keeping it out of any significant chance of getting wet, so basically nothing out of the ordinary.
    It sounds to me - as I feared - that disassembly and replacing the battery is rather complicated and a level above what I am able to do, so @Gordon I may just come back to you on that discount offer (I actually fully expected that I would have to buy a full-price new one).
    Also, it's good to know that this isn't a common issue and I just may have had bad luck with this battery.


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