• I've had my Bangle.js 2 since the Kickstarter and also wrote the Stardate Clock watchface for it. And I've been very happy with it so far. In the beginning, the battery was usually good for almost a week, which was great, even with Power On on twist (well, when driving a bike that came on too often so I had to temporarily turn it off). When turning on GPS, it had significant shorter battery lifetime of course, but even then it would be good for significant trips (though i didn't do that to often).
    That said, with time, the battery lifetime became somewhat shorter, but still very decent, lasting multiple days, I think 2-3 months ago it was down to about 2 days or a bit over that. But then, suddenly, about a month ago, battery lifetime fell off a cliff and now even with settings set in a way that the backlight usually doesn't turn on at all any more, I barely can get it to last from when I get up until I go to bed, often not even that long.
    And it's definitely a battery issue, as it completely acts like weak batteries usually do - e.g. even if full, when the backlight comes on, it immediately drops to less than half and when backlight is off, it goes up again.

    Is there anything I can do to repair it in a reasonable way? Or is the best way to recover to get a new watch?

  • Hey,
    Despite owning a new one this concerns me as well since I would like to be able to replace the battery eventually if this happens to me.

    I don't know if you already saw the disassembly video of the watch, it is pretty straight forward. However it doesn't look like the battery is anything close to plug and play and might require some soldering skills to replace. In this picture you can see on the top right where I assume the leads of the battery to solder into. So if you are comfortable with a soldering iron this might be the way to go, assuming you can find a suitable replacement battery.

    I would say it is reasonable, but I have not found a guide to replace the battery yet, might be a chance to create one.

    All that being said, this is what I found and how I would go about it (disassemble, desolder, resolder new battery, reassemble, hopefully be happy) but I have no personal experience so take my take with a grain of salt.


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