• Thanks a lot!

    • Indeed, download with app loader worked immediately (wasn't aware of that option, always used IDE so far)
    • Also 0.27 works as intended. Possible reason why it didn't before: number was at 5 and I manually increased it to 6 before start recording (see next point). So it used that. Looks like you set the date filename with the new button after you detect a conflict?
    • Could this conflict menu made optional somehow? I personally never have used the Overwrite/Append/No, so its always "new". Besides the extra tap I always am a bit afraid to accidentally overwrite/append given the small buttons. So I typically manually increased the number before start (some more taps). With the date format I was hoping to get rid of that fear and taps - just start recorder with one tap.
    • If this is only me interested in or difficult: don't mind. I plan start/stop recorder from within a watch face/own app anyway and saw I can force new in the api, so should be fine

      WIDGETS["recorder"].setRecording(true, {force:"new"/"append"/"overwrite")

      Pretty happy to get dates instead of numbers here.


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