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  • The app does a bit more than changing just the poll interval.

    The poll interval is the rate the accelerometer is checked for new data - but the accelerometer is only recording at 12.5Hz by fault anyway - it needs configuring to output data faster using accelWr like the app does.

  • Yeah I was watching this from the accelrec, but I didn't find any documentation about the options and what to write.

      Bangle.accelWr(0x18,0b01110100); // off, +-8g
      Bangle.accelWr(0x1B,0x03 | 0x40); // 100hz output, ODR/2 filter
      Bangle.accelWr(0x18,0b11110100); // +-8g

    What happens in here?
    First you turn 8g off?
    Set the update ratio to 100 hz with 0x03? How can I set it to 50 or 30 hz?
    What is ODR/2 filter. Di didn't find anything about this topic.
    And then in the end you turn 8g back?

    update: reading from the datapage, I can see why you have to turn the acceleration on and off and what are the update options.
    But still don't understand the '(0x1B,0x03 | 0x40)' part, what happens in here?


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