• Hello,

    I am calling regularly Bangle.http("https://...") from my Bangle.js 2. For testing, I do it at a rate of 1 request/sec, while ensuring not starting a new request before the previous one returns.

    After establishing the Bluetooth connection to gadgetbridge, it works fine for some time, but after some minutes, issues occur. These are:

    • random bluetooth disconnects
    • unresponsive hanging of Gadgetbridge
    • bluetooth reconnect feature not working reliably

    I have enabled USB-Debugging and tried to track the memory usage of gadgetbridge:

    watch -n1 adb shell dumpsys meminfo com.espruino.gadgetbridge.banglejs

    and I see that the "TOTAL" memory is increasing constantly at a rate of about 1MB/s.

    Is it possible that there is a memory leak in Bangle.js gadgetbridge and has somebody else seen this behaviour already? How can I track this down further?

    I would appreciate greatly any help.

    Many thanks!


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