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  • Good to know that I can't 'burn' it :D Then I will test different thinks.

    "How's it gone from..." ah yeah, sorry for that. The idea is measure now the data and explore it and see how it behaves. Then later I will make an app that shows you live how many throws you have had and speed of the throws and so one. So I don't eventually need to measure 30 min, just now to collect the data from the game. In the future app I need to have live array or list of acceleration data and then update it by adding new one and removing oldest. Then when the app measures spike on the acceleration, it can calculate all the data from the array. But first I need to explore the data. For example I was expecting do see from data, which way the hand is moving (backwards or forwards), but for some reasons I cant see that. I only see spikes on x-axis but all the spikes are negatives, so I need to explored more why. Maybe the hand just turns when there is bull forward.

    But now I think I will modify the "Acceleration Logger" app and add option to change the data collection frequency, so I can see what is good enough, so when I will make the app, I know what frequency to have and it doesn't use all battery in one call :D

    Thanks for the "­flash-memory " link. This was good!

    I still feel I need to order second watch, just in case my one breaks down ^^ or is there there bangle.js 3 coming with gyro ;)?


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