• Ah I see. Thanks.

    Spent time on the weekend on a script to parse data to be read into influx for Grafana... still some things to iron out but progress at least...
    For now I have/run Health App, Recorder and Sleeplog. Sleeplog is not working well for me, but have not found out why. Maybe need to tinker with thresholds, but its not clear to me what the "movement value of the built in health event" means, or rather how I would go and measure what is a normal value for me.
    Is there an app that lets me save those values for a night so i can determine what is light sleep/deep sleep?
    I can see bed movement on recorders step counter which is nice although not entirely correct (not really a step;)).

    Makes me wonder if there is more data to be had from other sensors;)
    Maybe accelerometer? But thats probably not particularly useful being 3 dimensional...

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