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  • Sorry about posting there as well and since it is closed, progress here.

    Firmware was originally 2v17.118_esp32 but updated now to latest 2v17.120_esp32.

    Your tip about use of for (var i in rows) { loops was very relevant and changing them to for (var i of rows){ and for (var i=0;i<rows.length;i++) { loops fixed the return values for so that's all good now.

    The callback version is still a problem although there was some progress after fixing those loops, since pinMode() and setWatch() were being fed with strings rather than numbers. With some added print()s I can see them being set up correctly now. However the onWatch() callback is still never executed.

    I tested the same pins separately with a mechanical switch e.g.

    var onWatch = function() { print("XXX"); };
    pinMode(D22, "input_pulldown");
    setWatch(onWatch, D22, {repeat:true, edge:'both' });

    and it works fine for all the pins being used for the keypad. Nevertheless, still no luck with the keypad itself.

    More digging needed and any help appreciated ...