• Some updates...

    1.Using the app recorder seems to work quite well now after the initial problems which were probably user error.
    I had some issues with battery drain initially but I was able to pinpoint that to the Light Switch Widget that caused the screen to turn on/off all the time.

    2.Running two active Bluetooth connections does not work for me, but disconnecting from the phone and then connecting to the laptop works fine. Sometimes I have to delete the connection and reconnect, but have not identified a reason yet, and its a quick solution so no problem.

    1. I tried remote connection, that didnt work at all. Tried same wireless and via Internet. The latter might fail due to firewall if its using some non standard ports (ie not 443)
    2. Gadgetbridge (0.71-2a-BangleJS) is not working properly any more for steps & sleep, but is still able to show battery and load files. But really a topic for another thread when it gets annoying. Its also not really able to save the recorder files, but I dont need them on the phone anyway.
    3. I can now save the recorder files to the laptop, so my next step is to convert them to values i can ingest to influx or prometheus... Excel threw me off at first since it really butchers these values, but looking at the raw text resolved those issues.



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