• I just tried, and they are identical for me - more or less. The Bangle.js one moves around a bit more (I guess it'd not filtered) but they were within 1 bpm after a while.

    is it possible that the proprietary firmware for VC31 and VC31B should be different?

    I don't believe so, no... the distribution I had seems to deal with both models.

    I'm not really sure what to suggest... I mean you could try setting the heart rate period down so it's at 12.5hz with Bangle.setOptions - but it seems really strange to me that it seems to work well for me and others but not you.

    You don't have any apps installed that might be adjusting the time on your Bangle.js while the HRM is running do you?

  • OK, good that it works for you, did you try same HR monitoring app - the one that draws continuously (if that could perhaps slow it down)?

    I have nothing special there, the clock showing time is OK, it does not go faster or slower. Will try to remove all apps.


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