• Thanks for all the details!

    Just to add the quick fix for this might be to go to https://play.google.com/apps/testing/comĀ­.espruino.gadgetbridge.banglejs and to choose not to be a tester any more - then you'll get the old version.

    It seems like a lot of information was getting transferred to the Bangle when you connected - it's possible that just the sheer volume of stuff made it appear that Gadgetbridge had crashed - it may not actually be related to the new version at all.

    You could try tapping on the gear icon next to the Bangle, scrolling down and enabling 'Allow high MTU' - it's possible that would speed up the data transfer and fix it for you.

    However the slightly odd thing is that the Bangle was saying it couldn't handle the data fast enough - what clock do you have installed on the Bangle?


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