• Hi Gordon,

    very well, will give the Recorder a try, thanks.
    I assume there is no way to automate saving the data via the app manager?

    Is there a way to track free disk space outside the App Manager?
    That might be a nifty feature to display in the Recorder app (or alternatively provide an expected fill up duration based on selected datapoints, interval and current free space:) (especially since the default value is 10s which sounds nice but I am sure will fill up the watch in hours, not mentioning battery).
    Alternatively a widget might be even better so that we can keep an eye on it regardless of which app is saving data

    Also, is there a way to connect the JS2 to multiple bluetooth devices at the same time?
    Newer Bluetooth versions are capable, but not sure whether BLE can do it.

    Reason is that i have multiple Bluetooth capable devices and saving the recorder date to a windows or linux box directly (opposed to save on Android initially) would save me a step and also might enable me to implement a simple automation on the save button.

    Edit -
    ok looks like I misinterpreted the Recorder ... 10s was the duration it is logging data for, not the interval at which it records it seems.
    At least I tried activating record twice and both time it turned off again and I now have two tracks with a duration of 10s each...
    You said I could define the interval, but there is no option for it, nor for the temperature mentioned in the manual. I run v0.23, maybe there is a beta that has more functionality? Cant seem to find it though.


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