• Hi,

    Sorry to hear this - that's a really strange problem. I think this is very unlikely to be a software issue, and something up with the accelerometer itself - it's likely it has just got misconfigured somehow . You mentioned above you were going to try flattening the watch again - did you manage to give that a go? Make sure it completely turns off and wait several minutes before putting it on charge again.

    If the watch does need replacing it's probably best to contact us and we'll send one out free of charge - if Berrybase send one out they'll likely end up billing us for a full-price replacement.

  • Yeah. I run it flat, power it on to drain it once again and when it not even keep on for a seconds i left it for a 3 hours walk.
    Then I charged it up and no luck. At least my problem with random disconnects from app loader is now gone but this is bittersweet victory.


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