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  • Hmm, so yours is the opposite? That is pretty strange.

    Update: I just tested this again on a different network using my phone as the bridge and my steam deck as the remote computer on the same LAN (both were using WiFi this time) and it worked flawlessly! Last time I tested this my desktop was hardwired and the phone was on WiFi so maybe that has something to do with why it didn't work on my LAN at home.

    It actually came in very handy just now because for some reason when using the web IDE on my phone it's extremely hard to edit and select text, and trying to connect my bangle to my steam deck directly didn't work with chromium or chrome. But... Using the phone as a bridge and the remote IDE on the steam deck worked perfectly! Amazing flexibility here. It even helped me find the bug in my clock that caused the launcher to stay stuck when trying to back out of it.

    The extra tabs in the editor are a nice addition as well. Great work, Gordon!

    One more thing... On the topic of using developer options in android to keep the screen on while charging - with LCD it's not much concern, but for OLED this will most certainly lead to burn in with extended use. That can be easily avoided by installing a Display Tester app that you can use to set the screen to fully black while the screen is on and unlocked.


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